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Benefit One is based in Jakarta, Indonesiaestablished in 2014.
We do consulting for your employees welfare and compensation system. Also we support user matching for e-commerce , retail business , and services to acquire new clients and increase sales.
Our mission is to find the issue quickly and provide hint or tool for business growth from the many clients’ achievements at Japan.
The 'Incentive Point' Program launched in Indonesia will target mainly local staffs working at Japanese companies by allowing companies to reward employees with incentives in neither traditional cash nor vouchers- but in points. Services will begin from June.
Employees can use their 'point rewards' to redeem products and other benefits- at special discounted price. Redeemable products include travel packages and F&B venues as well as daily cost saving items such as food and communication fees. Since Indonesia's population is 90% Muslim, specific items such as travel plans to pilgrimage Mecca, clothing and vitamins used during fasting.
In the future, the Company plans to provide the 'Incentive Point' Program to local and multinational companies as well as provide fringe benefit outsourcing service 'Benefit Station'.

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We will help to increase the corporate value

We provide variety of services which you can take advantage of every employees and every life scene of their families, and improve the satisfact ion of every employees.
insentive point

About “Incentive Point”

It provides exchange items and management systempoint in one-stop. This is the strongest motivation strategy to change your company's employees and distributors and customers

To use points for employee’s benefits and incentives. It will help provide motivation to employees by rewarding them with corporate currency. And, employees can choose any items exchange of the point they have earned.

insentive point
In the use of Incentive Point, it will resolve all of your problems !!

Merit for Company

Retention rate up and reduction of recruitment costs.
・ Retain high-performing employees
・ Increase employee interaction and participation
・ One of PR tools for recruitment activities
・ Less of working load for rewarding operation insentive point

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