Site Coordinator & Administrator
Integrated System
Hydro Power Plant
Job Description
1. Coordinating, controlling, supervising job sites for ensuring material/equipment delivery to site, Technical Advisors (TA) works at the site is successfully completed smoothly based on contract and in compliance with regulatory requirements and safety.
2. Responsible for site administration, reporting and communication windows among Customer, Technical Advisor, Head Office and Factory.
3. Communicate with Customers/HQ/Factory via phone and/or email.
 - Discuss any questions/concerns about all site works and provide any feedback.
 - Resolve Conflict.
 - Discuss change orders required.
 - Assist TA/HQ/Factory if required with final work through.
4. Communicate with Factory.
5. Schedule and coordinate job(s) and material/equipment delivery.
6. Responsible for opening and closing job sites each day.
IDR 8.000.000 - 10.000.000
Location Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan
Requirements 1. Aged 26 to 28 years, Domicile in South Sulawesi.
2. Education background: Mechanical/Electrical Engineer.
3. Working experience: 3-5 Years (Experienced working at the project site as coordinator or administrator).
4. Capabilities: Oral/Written Mandarin language (communication level is okay).
5. Core competencies :
 - Responsible.
 - Result oriented.
 - Teamwork and cooperation.
 - Integrity, discipline, honest, adaptable, reliable.
 - Interpersonal relationship.

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